Some of the best players among art galleries, leading companies, professionals at the top of their service sectors, materials and items offered, have been selected. The design style will always be proposed, in the tradition of the values of that sophisticated and elegant taste, interpreted by Maddalena De Padova in the 50 years of her extraordinary entrepreneurial life.


Via Pinamonte da Vimercate, 6
20121 Milano
T. +39 02 29 06 24 72

Altai is a space that tells endless stories of journeys, migrations, open spaces and people in movement who are warmed, cradles, dressed up and protected by these textiles. At once primitive and contemporary, essential and abstract, they are drenched in humanity, history and culture. Altai is an art gallery.

Antrax it
via Boscoalto, 40
31023 Resana TV
T. +39 0423 71 74

Radiators, towel warmers, and fireplaces: warmth enters the home in numerous ways and in innovative forms, the expression of research, engineering and design. Antrax IT has made quality its primary goal, from the very outset using cuttingedge production technology and internationally renowned designers as Andrea Crosetta, Dante O. Benini & Luca Gonzo, Francesco Lucchese, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, Simone Micheli, Peter Rankin, Victor Vasilev and Daniel Libeskind.

Artime events di Fabrizio Allevi
Via Caduti sul Lavoro 27
20099 Sesto San Giovanni (Mi)
T. +39 335 8191148

Artime events is specialized in finding furniture and furnishings of the most prestigious names of the Italian design from the 30s to the 70s. Particular attention is dedicated to lighting, ceramic and glass and to unusual objects.
The showroom of Artime is a good place for Italian and foreign design lovers.

Via B. Zenale, 3
20123 Milano
T. +39 02 48 01 50 69

C&C Milano offers custom-made and innovative textile designs, and the exclusivity of unique hand-made items. Meticulous attention to detail over the entire production process, from spinning and weaving to finishing, ensures C&C Milano quality is of a very high standard, synonymous with the 'Made in Italy' label.

Cotto D'Este
Via Emilia Romagna, 31
41049 Sassuolo MO
T. +39 0536 81 49 11

Cotto D'Este manufactures porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles with a very high quality, which have all the beauty of handcrafted products and of the most beautiful natural stones, with the reliability and quality of modern products, manufactured by means of the latest production techniques and with great concern for the environment.

DM Domenico Mori
Via F.lli Rosselli, 128
63822 Porto San Giorgio FM
T. +39 0734 67 92 52

The Domenico Mori, founded in 1860 relies on more than a hundred years of history and experience. A completely manual production cycle has been preserved in the company, from clay drying to the special chamels that allows types of glazing of extraordinary gloss and transparency, as well as the unusual water-colours effects that do not jeopardize the consistency of material underneath. Brickworks and ceramics together with woods and recovered ancient materials are the symbol of a niche, real Italian handicraft that leads to classy masterpiece as well as design surfaces.

Domotica Swiss
Via Brentani, 19
6900 Lugano - Svizzera
T. +41 79 90 47 614

Domotica Swiss comes from the passion for the development, the design of which is to simplify what may not be. It offers solutions designed to improve the way of life in any location, locally or remotely, where you can control environments using simple and reliable equipment. The customer is followed proposing and recommending solutions to meet the diverse needs, to automate or simply beautify the living spaces.

DTE Impianti
Via Trieste, 26/I
22036 Erba CO
T. +39 031 33 38 200

Company specializing in the high quality design, installation and maintenance of technological systems with particular focus on new technologies and energy efficiency. One contact for all systems in civil, commercial and industrial sector.

Fil De Fer
Store Kongensgade, 83A
DK-1264 Copenhagen - Denmark
T. +45 33 32 32 46

The antique shop Fil de Fer in Copenhagen is a piece of heaven if you are looking for the French flea market style, searching for special items. Each and every product in this shop is handpicked by the owners and are an authentic piece of French history.

Via Angelo Faini, 2
25073 Bovezzo BS
T. +39 030 24 381

Established in 1962, FLOS is a world leading manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions in the residential and architectural sectors, featuring high quality products and systems. The company has a catalogue of iconic products by legendary designers including the Castiglioni brothers, Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Piero Lissoni, Marcel Wanders, Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison, Patricia Urquiola, Ron Gilad, the Bouroullec brothers and many more. Over more than fifty years in business, the company has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to research and innovation in lighting.

Gaggenau - BSH Elettrodomestici S.p.A.
Via M. Nizzoli, 1
20147 Milano
T. +39 02 41 33 61

Gaggenau is the leading brand for domestic appliances and has taken a pioneering role in innovation and design. Its success is based on technological advance, a clean and essential design language, paired with perfect function. The company, with its over 330-year-old tradition, continually sets new standards in the private kitchen sector and its name is synonymous with exclusive culinary culture.

Laboratorio Audio
via del Progresso, 26/A loc. Conca
36070 Castelgomberto VI
T. +39 0445 96 38 82

A team of people driven by the passion for design and music, materials, shapes, technology and sound quality, this is the profile of the Italian company Laboratorio Audio, which for nearly twenty years operates in high-level audio. Selected materials, handicraft care, maniacal attention of the details, contribute decisively to the creation of their objects of pure avant-garde design, passing through a sound revolution to an absolutely innovative realization.

Via F.lli Kennedy
20010 Marcallo con Casone MI
T. +39 02 97 89 248

Experimenting New Forms, Technologies, Processes and Materials. It is through this intense research and development over time that Lualdi won recognition of its leadership in the design of interior doors and custom made furniture. A pioneer of industrial design applied to the door, Lualdi, since 1960, has developed a range of high quality products created by big names of the Italian and international design.

Via Gian Francesco Pizzi, 29
20141 Milano
T. +39 02 56 81 40 05

Makers is a restoration workshop, an exhibition space, a warehouse of wonders. An important location for the recovery of industrial furniture, metal structures, in particular iron, which are restored, scoured and finished by hand to recover the original patina and original shades of every old merger.

Media Arts
Via Giuseppe Ripamonti, 3
20136 Milano
T. +39 02 58 30 01 63

We design communication paths in synergy with companies and institutions, opening a dialogue with young people through awards, events, competitions and web activities, and working inside a constantly evolving cultural scene. In support of corporate social responsibility, our initiatives allow companies to spead around the knowledge of their business ethics, and therefore emphasize their being not only careful to their products, but also to the growth of the new generations.

Michael Anastassiades
122 Lower Marsh
London SE1 7AE
T. + 44 (0)20 7928 7527

Designer Michael Anastassiades creates work with an enduring quality by focusing on proportion, the honest use of materials, and the physical presence of an object. Positioned between fine art and industrial design, his pieces exist between that which is utilitarian in its function, whilst poetic and enigmatic in its presence. Founding his London-based studio in 1994 followed by his eponymous brand in 2007, the company has since produced a celebrated collection of lighting, furniture, and objects that demonstrate the studio’s continuous search for eclecticism, individuality and consistency.

Mosaico Micro - Frama mosaici
Viale Vittorio Veneto, 2
41100 Modena MO
T. +39 335 52 16 728

Eco Glass _ 100% Recycled _ Made in Italy. Matter and relationship with the living places, are the subjects of this project that offers a new balance between man and nature. The discarded glass, thrown, and made dust mixed with water, used as the only glue, becomes material to be moulded.

S.S. Pontebbana Km 146,10, 54/B
33017 Collalto - Tarcento UD
T. +39 0432 78 20 52

Mycore is internationally recognized for the excellence of its products. The company develops and produces the full made in Italy roller blind named Finespin that has been renovating the branch with its technical perfection and stylish design. Nowadays Mycore represents the full made in Italy production, blending together technology and design, innovation and intensive technological research. Mycore collections are entirely created and manufactured in Italy to prove quality, reliability and permanence.

Nerosicilia- Frama mosaici
Viale Vittorio Veneto, 2
41100 Modena MO
T. +39 335 52 16 728

Nerosicilia is a lava stone extracted from the slopes of Etna. The high temperature generated by our special facilities transforms the surface of the slabs: a new natural material is created, improved in its technical features, exclusive and therefore particularly suitable to meet the requirements of modern everyday living. A new and convincing concept through the mixing of outstanding aesthetic and technical values, bound to the tradition, the love for nature and the own land, Sicily.

Nespoli Vivai
Via dei Vivai, 12
22060 Carugo CO
T. +39 031 76 36 42

Modern company with ancient roots, it was a small store and now is a wonderful reality, a great company to be considered a leader in gardens. Nespoli is indeed one of the most important company in this panorama: its activity includes different technical areas that now constitute a prerequisite for careful and timely presence.

Nicola Quadri
Via Corso Italia, 49
20122 Milano
T. +39 36 59 63 00

Nicola Quadri, architect, creative director and strategic advisor of communication for more than 20 years in the fashion world, here with its gallery of Scandinavian design of the twentieth century.

Noema Gallery
Via Solferino ang. Castelfidardo
20121 Milano
T. +39 335 5200775

Noema Gallery is an art gallery that deals with Contemporary Photography. It’s based in Milan, in the Brera district. It was established to propose and promote the culture of contemporary photographic art in Italy, promoting cultural events, offering and selling artistic photos by developing partnerships with reality normally not connected to the gallery activities. Noema Gallery tries to maintain contacts with the people who buy art, not only with the collectors who belong to an higher market, but the people who fall in love with a painting or a photograph and try to have it, to put it into their daily lives. And for Noema Gallery the concept of "art" is to be found in the photographs where the "time" - as a metaphysical place necessary to understand and think – can be read. The art, like humans, needs time in order to be seen and understood. This discovery is focused on research of slowness, in contrast to the contemporaneity, that avoids slowness and consumes everything quickly. The praise of slowness, although it may seem like an oxymoron to an instrument that is expressed in milliseconds, is the characteristic sought in the works of Noema Gallery Authors, where the image has an almost karst formation. In this sense, in collaboration with the Boffi DePadova store, Noemi Gallery tried to combine the idea of furniture, slowness and enjoy coming out from the objects that can help us to live better.

Via Aurelia, 395/E
55047 Querceta LU
T. +39 0584 76 92 00

For almost seventy years Salvatori has supported architects, designers and builders with its innovative research that has made it internationally renowned for its production of beautiful stone textures. Its distinguishing quality lies in transforming ancient material such as marble into contemporary solutions, including the award-winning Lithoverde®, the world’s first natural stone made of 99% recycled material.

Studio Balsari
via Giusti, 28
20154 Milano
T. + 39 02 65 41 10

For the last 40 years, Studio Balsari has been providing solutions in every aspect of landscape design, from the private garden design to urban and environmental planning and conservation. We undertake and manage projects from concept to final installation, basing our work upon a complete appraisal of the site's physical, botanical, historical and cultural aspects.


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